Here you will find the latest blogs from young members of the AsIAm Community, as well as articles and stories relevant to young people and autism

  • Step into the shoes of someone with Autism: Autism Experience Exhibition to visit Tallaght Stadium

    AsIAm will be bringing our “Autism Experience” Exhibition to Tallaght Stadium on Thursday 19th January (1:00pm - 8pm) and Friday 20th January (9:30am - 4:30pm). The Exhibition is an interactive, self-guided experience which will help you... Read More

  • This cool poster brilliantly describes sensory processing…

    We were recently sent a poster by Finn, Aged 10. Finn was recently diagnosed with Autism and wrote this brilliant poster to explain Autism, and his experiences of it, to his class. We learnt so much from reading it and found it both powerful and... Read More

  • Freya O’Horo: Raising awareness for my brother

    Freya is an incredible entrepreneur and sibling to someone with Autism. In this blog she tells us about her brother Dian, why she wanted to make a difference and her initiative "All About Autism" My name is Freya O’Horo and my brother Dian has... Read More

  • Get down the Autism Experience Exhibition in Portlaoise

    AsIAm will be bringing our “Autism Experience” Exhibition to the Portlaoise Heritage Hotel on Saturday 26th November from 9am to 4pmThe Exhibition is an interactive, self-guided experience which will help you gain a better understanding of... Read More

  • Youth Leadership Team Update

    Our Youth Leadership Team are well underway now with their work for 2016. The YLT have had two great meetings since September. The YLT are looking forward to developing campaigns, which will truly empower young people with Autism across Ireland,... Read More

  • Get down to the Autism Experience Exhibition in Ennis!

    AsIAm will be bringing our "Autism Experience" Exhibition to the Temple Gate Hotel, Ennis on Thursday 20th (between 10am and 8pm) and Friday 21st October (between 10am and 3pm). The Exhibition is an interactive, self-guided experience which will... Read More

  • Dear 50 Cent

    After a very positive few days unveiling our YouthHub and seeing so many of our Young Leaders begin to find their voice but also be listened to - it was very frustrating for us to read about 50 Cent's behaviour in Cincinnati airport yesterday. To... Read More

  • Tools and ideas to make your community more Autism-friendly

    You will find the words "Autism-friendly" a lot throughout the website - but how can you put it into action? Everyone can do something to be more Autism-friendly whether it be learning how to effectively communicate with someone who have the... Read More

  • Download: Secondary School Student Handbook

    We know Secondary School can throw up its own challenges and opportunities for teenagers with Autism. We think it is so important that young people have the information and tools to help make their Secondary School experience positive and productive... Read More

  • Kevin McLoughlin on Life with Autism, Peers and the Need to Push Yourself

    As part of our Youth Awareness Campaign (supported by the Department of Justice & Equality) we held public meetings around Ireland to hear the views of young people with Autism. At each event we tried to make sure young people with Autism got... Read More